This course is focused on helping aspiring fiction writers who know the basics of writing, but are struggling with starting (or even finishing) a short story to get that final draft done. It can be done. You can do it. And you can do it in five weeks.

Here's just some of what you'll learn and do each week:

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Face the Great Blank Expanse

Prepare with a no-pressure way to face that blank page, and generate and explore story ideas.

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Map Route or Lay Down Track

Learn how and why to create an outline, and how to use that outline

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Handle that Block

Learn how to handle your inner editor and what to do if you get stuck or bored with your story.

You'll also learn tips and techniques for adapting the method to your schedule, your environment, and the tools you have available.

Write A Short Story in Five Weeks:

A Doable Method for Procrastinators, Self-Doubters, and Bucket-Listers

Hi, I'm Nila Patel

And I'm a fictioneer. Since 2013, I've been writing and posting a short story every week on my site (storyfeather.com) to accomplish my lifelong dream of fiction-writing. I've written 400 stories in the genres of science fiction, mythology, horror, and fairy tale. What started as a personal challenge has developed into a skill and a method that I adapt and use regularly to get my stories written (even when I've put the task off for longer than I should have). And I am excited to share that method with others who dream of writing stories of the worlds, beings, and adventures that exist in their imaginations.

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Sneak Preview

The recap from the lecture entitled "What if I Get Stuck, Blocked, or Bored?"

Course Curriculum

You'll get access to the Introduction and Idea and Brainstorm on signing up.

The rest of the lessons will be released one week at a time.

  Introduction and Course Outline
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  Idea and Brainstorm
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  Outline and Preparation
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  Drafting...It's Time!
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  Revision and Research
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  Final Draft
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